How to Begin Hanging Christmas Lights in Englewood CO: A Beginner’s Guide

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Ho ho ho, Englewood! The holidays are creeping closer, and with them comes the undeniable joy of transforming your house into a winter wonderland. Here at Brilliant Christmas Lights, we know there’s nothing quite like the magic of twinkling lights to spread holiday cheer.

Maybe you’ve admired your neighbor’s dazzling display for years and finally decided to take the plunge. Or perhaps you’ve tackled the task before, but this year you’re looking for some fresh inspiration. Either way, this guide is here to help you confidently embark on your very own adventure to hanging Christmas lights in Englewood CO!

Table of Contents:

  1. Planning Your Dazzling Display
  2. Safety First, Fun Always!
  3. Getting Ready to Light Up Englewood!
  4. Let There Be Light! (The Easy Way)
  5. Hanging Tips & Tricks
  6. Where to Find Your Perfect Lights
  7. The Final Twinkle

Planning Your Dazzling Display

The first step to a show-stopping display is a well-thought-out plan. Here’s what you need to consider:

Choosing the Perfect Lights

Lights are the heart and soul of your display, so let’s talk about the two main contenders:

  • Incandescent lights: These classic bulbs provide that warm, nostalgic glow. However, they’re less energy-efficient and have a shorter lifespan compared to LEDs.
  • LED lights: These energy-saving champions are all the rage! They last much longer, come in a wider variety of colors, and some even offer fun features like multi-color options and twinkle settings. Plus, they’ll keep your electricity bill a little lower during the holiday season.

Once you’ve chosen your light type, consider the different styles to create your desired effect:

  • Rope lights: Perfect for outlining rooflines, doorways, and walkways.
  • Icicle lights: These cascading strands create a magical, icy wonderland on trees and shrubs.
  • Net lights: Cast a soft, glowing net over bushes, trees, or even your entire house for a dramatic effect.
  • Spotlights: Highlight specific features like wreaths, statues, or your prized holiday decorations.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different light styles!

Designing Your Masterpiece

Now comes the fun part: visualizing your masterpiece!

  • Walk the perimeter: Grab a cup of hot cocoa (because it’s never too early for holiday cheer!), and take a walk around your house. Make note of areas you want to illuminate, like the roofline, gutters, trees, and shrubs.
  • Measure twice, light once! Use a measuring tape to determine the length of lights needed for each section. Buying a little extra is always a good idea, just in case.
  • Think about the overall look: Do you want a classic, elegant display? Or are you aiming for a more playful, whimsical vibe? Sketch out some ideas or browse online for inspiration.

Remember: If you’re dreaming of a complex synchronized light show, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brilliant Christmas Lights! We love transforming homes into extraordinary holiday displays.

If you want to learn more about how to prep your lights for hanging, read our other blog here: Measuring and Layout Techniques for Hanging Christmas Lights in Englewood CO

Safety First, Fun Always!

Before we get tangled in lights (literally!), safety is paramount. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Ladder safety is crucial. Use a sturdy, well-maintained ladder with a wide base. Always have a spotter when working at heights.
  • Weather or not… Avoid hanging lights in high winds, rain, or snow. Not only is it dangerous, but wet lights can cause electrical hazards.
  • Power play. Always use outdoor-rated extension cords and make sure you’re not overloading any circuits. When in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.
  • Read the manual. Different light types might have specific installation instructions. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Getting Ready to Light Up Englewood!

Now that you have a plan and safety in mind, let’s gather your supplies:

  • A sturdy ladder: This goes without saying!
  • Work gloves: Protect your hands from scrapes and minor cuts.
  • Zip ties: These are your best friends for securing lights to gutters, branches, and other surfaces.
  • Extension cords: Make sure you have enough to reach all the areas you want to illuminate.
  • Tape (optional): This can be helpful for securing extension cords to prevent tripping hazards.

Pro Tip: Test your lights before you start hanging! Plug them in and make sure all the bulbs are working. There’s nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder only to discover half the strand is out!

Bonus Tip: Identify where you’ll be plugging in your lights. Planning your outlet access beforehand will save you time and frustration later.

Let There Be Light! (The Easy Way)

We understand that for some folks, hanging Christmas lights in Englewood CO can feel like a daunting task. That’s where Brilliant Christmas Lights comes in! We’re a team of Christmas light installers near you who are passionate about creating beautiful, festive displays.

If you’d prefer to skip to the fun part of admiring your finished masterpiece, we’d be happy to help! We offer a variety of Christmas light installation services to suit your needs and budget. Our friendly and experienced technicians will handle everything from planning and design to professional Christmas light installation near you and take-down after the holidays.

But for the DIY enthusiasts out there, let’s get back to your lighting adventure!

Hanging Tips & Tricks

Now that you’re prepped and ready, here are some helpful tips to make your Christmas lights installation a breeze:

  • Secure those lights! Use zip ties liberally to fasten lights to gutters, rooflines, branches, and any other surface you’re using. This will prevent them from sagging or blowing around in the wind.
  • Avoid sharp edges. Be mindful of any sharp corners or edges on your roofline or gutters. Wrap lights with soft material like pipe cleaners or cloth to prevent them from getting cut.
  • Work your way down. Start by hanging lights on the highest points, like your roofline, and then work your way down to trees, shrubs, and walkways. This way, you’ll avoid having to stand on a ladder to reach lower sections.
  • Channel your inner artist! Play around with different patterns and techniques. String lights in zigzags, drape them over branches, or create outlines of snowflakes or reindeer.

Where to Find Your Perfect Lights

Here’s where your Englewood Christmas light adventure really kicks off! The good news is that Englewood boasts a variety of options to suit your shopping style and budget. Let’s dive into some of the best places to find your perfect lights:

  • Big Box Home Improvement Stores:

These retail giants are a one-stop shop for all your holiday lighting needs. Think national chains like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Here you’ll find a vast selection of Christmas lights, from the classic incandescent mini lights to the ever-popular energy-efficient LEDs. They also stock a wide variety of styles, including rope lights, icicle lights, net lights, and spotlights. Additionally, you’ll find all the necessary accessories like extension cords, timers, zip ties, and even storage boxes to keep your lights organized after the holidays.

Pros: Wide selection, convenient one-stop shopping, competitive prices.

Cons: Selection may not include super specialty or high-end lights. Staff expertise can vary depending on the location.

  • Local Hardware Stores:

Englewood is fortunate to have several locally owned hardware stores. These stores are true gems! The staff is typically knowledgeable and friendly, and they often go the extra mile to help customers find exactly what they need. While the selection of lights might not be as extensive as big box stores, you’re likely to find high-quality products from reputable brands. Plus, you’ll benefit from the personalized service and local charm that small businesses offer.

Pros: Knowledgeable staff, high-quality products, personalized service, support local businesses.

Cons: Selection might be more limited compared to big box stores. Prices may be slightly higher.

  • Online Retailers:

The internet offers a dazzling world of Christmas light possibilities! Here you can find everything from traditional incandescent lights to the latest trends in smart lights and color-changing LED displays. Online retailers often carry specialty lights, hard-to-find colors, and unique styles that you might not find in local stores. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for specific features or functionalities in your lights.

Pros: Vast selection, find specialty lights, potentially competitive prices (with comparisons), convenient shopping from home.

Cons: Shipping costs and lead times can add to the overall price. You can’t physically inspect the lights before you buy. Returns might be more inconvenient.

Pro Tip: When shopping online, be sure to read reviews and compare prices before making a purchase. Also, factor in shipping times to ensure you receive your lights in time for decorating.

The Final Twinkle

We hope this guide has empowered you to begin hanging Christmas lights in Englewood CO! With a little planning, preparation, and these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a magical display that will be the envy of the block.

Remember, safety is always the top priority. If you’re ever unsure about any aspect of hanging lights, don’t hesitate to call in a professional.

For those who prefer a stress-free holiday experience, Brilliant Christmas Lights is here to help! Contact us today for a free quote and let our team transform your home into a winter wonderland.

From all of us at Brilliant Christmas Lights, we wish you a happy holiday season filled with joy, laughter, and of course, twinkling lights!

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