Acquisitions & Investing

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Acquisitions & Investing

If you are looking to get out of the business we may want to get in! The Holiday Lighting service can be tough and we know its not for everyone.

Are you looking to sell your Christmas Light business while you still can? Let’s chat!

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Brilliant Christmas Lights was born out of Fort Collins Christmas Light in 2010. Our steady growth has brought us to our second market in the Greater Denver Area. We are investing in proprietary technology, equipment, brand awareness, partnerships, and have recently expanded our headquarters over two locations to over 7000 sq ft in both Northern Colorado and Denver metro Areas. We are looking to add a 3rd market of Colorado Springs by 2025.

We are looking for small to large companies that we can acquire to help us expand our presence both inside and outside the Nothhern Colorado, Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. We are also looking into ways in which we can deploy capital.

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