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Welcome to our Dream Center. If there is one thing we have learned after years of professionally installing lights, it is that each person’s idea of Christmas looks different. Most people have a beginning idea of what they would like to see. Or maybe the colors are the main thing. Regardless of where you are in the process, our professional design consultants will walk you through a plan to give you the design of your dreams. There are typically 5 key design elements to a professional install and we have created this page to help you think about what is most important to you.

Brilliant Christmas Lights services Arvada, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, Denver, Englewood and the surrounding areas in Colorado.

Elements for a Professional Install

Our primary goal as professional designers is making your display dreams come true. Each home is custom set with only commercial grade products using 5 key design elements. Resulting in a custom display as you had dreamed.

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Dream Center Main
Roof Lighting
Trees and Bushes
Greenery & Décor
Fence & Rail Lighting
Ground Lighting

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Our Brilliant Lighting Warranty

We warranty your lights for the life of our relationship as your installer. If something breaks or burns out we will replace it at our cost, giving you peace of mind that your display will be maintained no matter what.

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